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February 12, 2013
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You muttered to yourself as you devised a revenge plan. You grinned evilly and crackled before you choked again.

"My Allah," you murmured, "I must stop choking or I'll die from that, not Templars!"

Your plan was simple:

-Get Altaïr and leave him in the courtyard

-Get Kadar to drop water on him

-subtly blame Kadar for everything

-apologize to Kadar after he receives his bruises and cuts from Altaïr


You happily sighed at your perfect plan. Well, maybe not perfect, but close enough.

You decided to start your plan.

"Hi, Altaïr! Meet me by the courtyard!" You grinned.

"Did you forgive me already?' He questioned. 

"There. I'll forgive you there." You replied.

"Can we go near the riverbed instead?" He asked.

You froze. That would ruin your plan, but you're sure Kadar is willing to change locations. Which reminds you to remind him to change locations. And ask if he is willing to do drop water. On a skillful assassin.

"Sure." You agreed. 

He nodded in agreement and continued running around the castle, flexing his muscles under his tunic.


"So, will you do it?" You asked Kadar. He squirmed, nervously.

"Well, okay..." He sighed. You gleefully ran away, thanking him.

"Well, it seems like I'll be writing my death note to Malik today...better go get the parchment..." Kadar sighed as he watched you run away.


You met Altaïr near the riverbed just as he promised. He seemed more...attractive... 

You mentally slapped yourself. This was a time to have revenge. Not stare at him...but he did smell nice. Manly. If that's what you call it.

"Hello, (y/n)." He murmured. You nodded.

"Hello, Altaïr. You smell nice." You complimented. He stared at you weirdly and grinned.

"Thank Malik. He threw incense at me. I never thought you could do that. You know, leaving a scent." He grinned sheepishly.

You laughed and glanced at the spot Kadar was supposed to hide in. Expecting to see Kadar's gray novice robes, you turned your head. Not such luck. You panicked; Kadar had to be here or else your plan would fail.

"So. Do you normally kick females down the tower?" You asked casually, with a hint of anger that he didn't pick up.

He shrugged nonchalantly. "No."

Blaming your short patience and easy temper, you calmly yelled at him slightly. "Why did you kick me?!"

He looked at you and told you that it was a joke.

"Are you kidding me? That was a joke? I could've died!" You lost your patience.

"But you didn't. You're an assassin. You accept death, (y/n)." He replied.

You growled, officially ready to strangle him. You didn't understand why you were so mad, perhaps it was because you love him- 

'Wait, I don't love him! I despise him!' You tried to convince yourself, but failed. 'I'll prove it. I don't love him.' 

Altaïr turned around, facing the edge of the river, admiring the sun reflecting off the water's surface. He just so happened to be at the deepest part of the river, too. 

Trying to prove yourself, you sneakily crept behind him and forcibly shoved him down the ledge. Into the water. Completely forgetting he can't swim. Let's just leave it here saying he didn't float back up like any human should.
Problems with this part:
-it's short
-title is weird (any suggestions...?)
-I don't know if this moving too slowly or quickly. Please say so, so I can speed it up/slow it down!
-I fear that it's gets worse as the day goes by

Well...enjoy anyway while I try and figure out how to make the story better.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: Here! :)
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Welcome back to you know! DO I HAVE TO REPEAT IT EVERYTIME!? Today we're talking about doing something stupid to get revenge on someone.

Example: I punched a kid in the face because he stole my skittles. Don't mess with my fucking skittles.
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